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Agreement on Terms and Conditions of Use between Vlogging Tour and its Users / Customers 

Vlogging Tour is a travel agency and Tour Operator specializing in offering guided tours to anyone interested in learning about Italy by carrying out its work with professionalism and competence. We want you to have the best experience possible, and we will provide you with all the information on the terms and conditions of our services to make it such. We, therefore, recommend that you read the terms and conditions given in their entirety carefully. 

1. Your contract with Vlogging Tour 
When you make a reservation with Vlogging Tour, you confirm that you have the authority to accept the booking conditions for your account and/or for third parties.
These conditions, together with the information on our website, form the entire agreement between the user and Vlogging Tour. 

Vlogging Tour reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without notice. 

Vlogging Tour offers you the opportunity to consult your products and tourist services without registration. 

Each product and service includes the following features, which the user automatically accepts when filling in the form. 
- booking of the tour/trip, part of it or a specific experience, in the cities in which we operate; 
- assistance from the Vlogging Tour staff, to the best of their ability, for the duration of the service. 

2. Prices
Prices are fixed at the time of booking and are generally not subject to increase, except in those cases where it is necessary to adjust the costs of the expenses incurred to offer the service, such as entrance fees to museums that could be subject to changes without prior notice due to the addition or removal of exhibitions by the managing bodies. 
Prices may vary with the use of promotional codes as detailed in section 3. 
Vlogging Tour uses the EURO as a currency, therefore, prices outside the EU community are subject to currency exchange rates. 

3. Promotional Codes
Promotional codes and special offers are subject to the terms and conditions as follows: 
a) It is not possible to use two promotional codes simultaneously in any situation. 
b) Promotional codes are valid only where explicitly advertised. 
If an additional amount is discounted due to technical problems with our website or human error, Vlogging has the right to request an additional payment to cover the difference. 
If the client refuses to cover the difference, Vlogging Tour will cancel the tour cordially. 
c) Promotion codes are personal and can only be used for whom they are offered unless otherwise specified and only once. 

4. Cancellations 
Vlogging Tour establishes the following cancellation methods:

Group tour - For group tour that has members from multiple parties and a tour guide, with a payment method on the spot to the guide that do not include entrance tickets and/or other additional services, cancellation by e-mail or by phone is required at least 2 hours before your tour taking place, to ensure the organization of the event optimally and to provide a correct service to customers on the waiting list. 

Private tours - For a tour that is conducted privately without outside participants, cancellation by e-mail is required WITHIN and no later than 7 working days before your tour taking place. The reimbursement of the advance payment will be granted except for the expenses incurred for the purchase of non-refundable tickets and reservations. If the cancellation terms are not met, no refunds will be made. 

For schools - For school groups cancellation by e-mail is required BEFORE and no later than 15 working days before the agreed date, The reimbursement of the advance payment will be granted except for the expenses incurred for the purchase of non-refundable tickets and reservations. If the cancellation terms are not met, no refunds will be made. 

 Due to the extremely rigorous time required to enter the sites, we recommend that you arrive at the meeting place 15 minutes before your tour taking place. The group leaves exactly at the scheduled time. If you are late or cannot find the meeting point for any reason, you will not be given a refund. For most tours, it is not logistically possible to join the group after it has been started. We strongly recommend that you take your mobile with the number provided at the time of booking. In case of delay or loss, it will be easier to contact you for assistance. 
If we contact you correctly and you still cannot reach the meeting point in time to join our group, you will not be granted a refund. 
In the event of cancellations by the host organizations due to extraordinary and unforeseeable events not attributable to Vlogging Tour, such as sudden closures, technical breakdowns, strikes, particular and various weather conditions, we will do our best to reorganize the tour in another date compatibly with availability, but it is not always possible to guarantee a successful reprogramming to meet customer needs. 
For tickets paid at a later date, they will be reimbursed only if the defaulting institution returns the paid amount. 

Vlogging Tour reserves the right to cancel group tours and related services if the minimum number of participants expected to be 10 paying adults is not reached. 
Tour with fewer participants than expected will be formed at the discretion of Vlogging Tour. 

5. Time and date change
Vlogging Tour reserves the right to change the start time, date, meeting point of any tour or service booked through Vlogging Tour or affiliated companies. Changes like these occur in response to changes in the tourism landscape.
Vlogging Tour will contact customers via the telephone number and e-mail provided at the time of booking. Vlogging Tour assumes no responsibility for customers who do not have access to telephone or e-mail to keep track of changes in time during travel. 
Some tours are more susceptible to time changes, such as exclusive sites that make the organization more difficult as tour operators are limited by schedules and tickets made available by the organization. 
If an alternative date is not available, Vlogging Tour will offer the user another type of tour or service to replace the original tour. 
If the value of the new tour or service is different from that of the original tour, the difference will be refunded/charged when the user accepts the new tour or service. After accepting the new tour or service, the user is immediately subject to the cancellation policy provided in terms and conditions. 

6. Planning 
Our tour booking plan is as follows: - 
35% deposit to confirm the tour or educational trip. 
- Advance payment of entrance tickets or reservation (if provided). 
Our payment plan for the balance is as follows: 
-For private tours 48 hours before the scheduled date. 
-For Group Guided Tour on site. 
-Payment with electronic invoicing within the time allowed for this mode. All payments are made by bank transfer, Paypal or cash. 

7. Injury, loss or damage contract between users and Vlogging Tour 
Vlogging tour is not responsible for any losses, injuries or damages that occur during the use of its services, such as robbery, car accident, illness, acts of terrorism, spontaneous events. Vlogging Tour is not responsible for the actions of its third-party service providers such as drivers or guides or suppliers related to the activities provided. However, Vlogging Tour will ensure that all suppliers have the requisites according to regulations for the correct performance of the proposed activities. 

8. Special assistance 
Travellers who need special assistance must report disabilities, allergies or tolerances to Vlogging Tour at the time of booking. Vlogging Tour will make every effort to accommodate all the requests necessary to meet the needs of the person, but not all historical sites are equipped for those with difficulties. Some attractions, such as the Roman Forum, pose architectural barriers for those who are coached. 

9. Exclusion of liability for personal effects 
Vlogging Tour cannot be held responsible for personal items lost, stolen or damaged during tours. Therefore it is the responsibility of each participant to keep an eye on their personal belongings. Vlogging Tour always recommends that travellers have adequate insurance to cover these problems.

 10. For minors,
Any minor who takes part in a tour organized by Vlogging Tour must be accompanied by an adult for the entire duration of the service. Any person employed by Vlogging Tour cannot assume responsibility for minors present during the duration of the same. 

11. Privacy Policy 
See dedicated paragraph. 

The user is subject to these terms and conditions immediately after accessing our site. Vlogging Tour 2019 

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